Rederivation of Rodents

SDRederivation of mice consists of a series of steps dependent on the strain reproductive characteristics and the number of breeders supplied. An estimate based on the individual strain will be provided when these details are provided.Our standard method for rederivation is by embryo transfer. An indicative total cost based on receiving 3 pairs producing 5-6 pups per litter to build up the donor colony, 3 embryo transfer sessions, maintenance of the colony until health clearance, maintenance of rederived animals in isolators and a comprehensive health testing for delivery to the customer facility. The cost of expanding the colony to a size that can provide enough mice for the rederivation process is a component that is easily overlooked and can be substantial if the strain is a poor breeder.

The cost and timeline for the Cryopreservation of mouse embryos depends on the individual strain characteristics. A comprehensive quote based on the strain characteristics will be provided on request

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